Mobile game – Full review to see before downloading

POU is a captivating alien who needs your care to grow and stay happy and healthy. The interactive game is available for free for the Android system and paid for by the IOS system.

The objective is very simple and it is to take care of your virtual pet, remembering the unforgettable Tamagotchi of the ’90s. The player will have to feed it, bathe it, play with it, and even put it to sleep. All this by navigating through the different scenarios that represent the house and the garden in which these activities take place.

In addition to the basic care, within the application, there are mini-games that are used to buy virtual coins. These coins allow you to buy food, potions, clothes, and accessories to personalize your POU and the surroundings of the house you live in.

How does POU work?

The game starts with POU as a baby in the kitchen scene and the first task is to feed it. Simply drag the food from the stage to the little creature, who opens her mouth to receive the food. It usually doesn’t accept the same food several times and manifests itself by saying something like “no”.

With time and the completion of tasks, it will grow and move up.

The bars at the top of the screen indicate the state of the food, health, fun, and energy. They turn yellow if you need something. Notifications can be activated, so you can remember to keep these precautions up to date.

Like a real pet, it gets dirty and needed and you must bathe to keep it clean. Enjoy and caress your POU with your touch. Take several pictures with the camera icon and visit or play virtually with your friends’ pets who also own the app.

Don’t forget that games are also part of the little creature’s routine. You can have fun in the game room with a ball or mini-games. But beware POU does not accept to play with the minigames when his energy bar is very low.

To complete the energy, you must put your POU to sleep or you can provide a potion in the lab. The lab potions also serve to cure you if you get sick and your health level is low.

Food, potions, accessories, and clothing are bought with virtual coins, purchased in mini-games, and when performing tasks… They can also be bought with real money. In addition, you can get a dental service in dentist Dothan AL

All the interaction and the possibility of personalizing this cute little creature with clothes, accessories, and wallpapers, plus a simple and cute interface, won over adults and children, making this application one of the most downloaded. If you are one of those crazy about mobile games, check out the list we made with the best Android games.

application POU how to play


It has a simple, intuitive, and very colorful interface, which facilitates the execution of tasks, being a great attraction, especially for children;

It has an educational character for children, as it requires attention that keeps POU healthy and happy, and can be useful to teach children a sense of responsibility;

There is the possibility of customizing with clothes, accessories, colors, and wallpapers, which makes the game more interesting and less repetitive;

It has several mini-games in one application.

POU game how to play


The disadvantage is the same for all games that have the objective of caring for a virtual pet, in which the tasks tend to become repetitive over time.

In addition, the pet requires frequent care with food, sleep, and hygiene and may require a lot of care. The good news is that it is very resistant and will not die if there is small negligence in the care by the user.