Dental Surgery Game – A Foolish Doctor

Today, it’s a dental surgery game where you can see a patient who has a toothache from the beginning and pull out his teeth and finish up his implants neatly. It’s showing a bit of difficulty. For those who don’t have any dental knowledge, it’s hard enough to clear it even if you do it more than 10 times, but for users who frequently go to the dentist, it’s a game that has the advantage of being able to clear it very easily.

Dental surgery game – The sham doctor’s key is the dentists Dothan AL

My teeth used to go to the dentist twice a week more often than other kids, but I’m afraid of that every time I see a dental sign, it reminds me of my childhood memories. In an open ecosystem, let me fill in my mouth with supplementary errors to get an X-ray, and I can use a machine to examine the area.

My teeth are so mixed that I’ve eaten all the cavities, but I don’t think it’s going to be in the watermelon where all the bugs get rid of the roots even after treatment.

Before you pull out your teeth, you need to anesthetize the area so that you can’t feel the pain. You can sterilize it cleanly around your gums, use an anesthetic syringe to poke it deeply, and then take medicine.

It’s been some time, so if you shake it up, down, left, right, and right with a cello, you can easily pull it out, and it’s completely drawn out quickly. But the problem starts now. There is a time limit for the moment of selection. Although this is a minor dental surgery, it can sometimes be life-threatening if a significant amount of time continues. You should make a delicate choice and do your best until the end of all procedures.

The heart rate is gradually decreasing. Go a little faster and heal the sore area and insert the implant to complete all the work upgrades before the main character wakes up from the anesthesia. It’s cool and well pulled out, but we’ll wash all the foreign substances here with an absorber and keep them clean, so you’ll be able to do a working grade with teeth made in a new way, so please be nervous.

Just insert it deep inside, wash the bleeding part back with an absorber, treat the surroundings, and insert fake teeth made of fraud on the outside, and complete the tasks perfectly.

The dental surgery game is being treated by a doctor, complaining that the boy’s lower teeth hurt. When I first X-rayed it, I told them that I should operate immediately, and I am working on upgrading my broken teeth and planting strong new artificial teeth. Various surgical instruments are given. You just have to make sure that the doctor can use the tools correctly, but you’re not giving any hints at all, so you’re failing the assignments several times