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The act of using a smartphone in a variety of environments is now a familiar sight. At the same time, it has also become a pattern that people install mobile games on their smartphones and enjoy them now and then when they have time. In particular, the fact that smartphones provide conditions that allow people to enjoy themselves during the rest of the day rather than concentrating for long periods is part of the unique characteristics of mobile devices. Hence, if you take public transportation during commuting hours, you will see users enjoying mobile games with their smartphones in their hands! On a side note, I’m on the subway the other day, and while watching an elderly man enjoying a puzzle game like Hexa on his smartphone, it gave me, as a game lover, a special feeling!


Chicken Out! An iPhone game that embodies all the elements that a puzzle game should have! And you can hype at this website

As smartphones continue to evolve day by day, mobile games are showing a variety of genres and gorgeous graphics as much as games on other existing platforms. But on the other hand, the genre of mobile games that are still popular are also the games with puzzle elements. He also mentioned such a thing above, probably because the puzzle genre is the perfect place to start from the position of enjoying the game when you have some time to spare. To have fun for a while and feel the pleasure the game gives you in a short time is what puzzle games are all about! There is also the joy that exists when you solve a puzzle while worrying about how to solve it. There is also the joy of solving a puzzle, and that’s why puzzle games continue to appear in mobile games.

Grapetree just released an iPhone puzzle game called “Chicken Out!

And this time, a mobile game was released by Grape Tree, which developed only Super 0,99 English Words 3 and Plays English Words, which occupied the first place in the App Store Education category in Korea and Japan. The game is called “Chicken Out!” and is oriented towards the puzzle genre. I’ve personally used Grape Tree’s educational applications, and they have a lot of planning power in their applications, so I wanted to know how they could achieve such planning power in the field of games. So I played Chicken Out directly. As the title suggests, Chicken Out is a game that combines the character of a chicken with the elements of a puzzle. As a side note, each type of chicken in Chicken Out is represented uniquely, giving it a dynamic appearance.

The staging mode has a total of 9 stages with 20 stages each.

In each stage, you are given an environment to solve puzzles using various chickens.

Chicken Out offers two types of game modes. First, there is the stage mode where you have to solve a given mission, and then there is the arcade mode where you combine your skills with the element of time attack. The staging mode is a process of learning the general gameplay of Chicken Out, and at the same time, there are 20 stages in 9 levels, with puzzle elements to puzzle the user as the stages go up. The game system is fairly simple. There are various chicken characters in a given stage, and all you have to do is push the chicken off the screen with a touch! However, there are certain requirements to such a game scheme, and you need to be quick-witted to solve the given stages.

The arcade mode creates a desire for a challenge that allows you to check your abilities.

The survival concept allows you to check your skills and let your Facebook friends know about them.

There are different types of chickens, and each chicken has its abilities, so you can complete a given stage only by making good use of these elements! And if the stage mode is the process of learning the fun and methods of Chicken Out, the arcade mode is the mode that directly reflects the fun of Chicken Out. In Arcade mode, each stage has a time limit that you have to clear quickly. In Arcade mode, there is a time limit given for each stage that must be cleared quickly, and bonus time is given based on the time spent clearing each stage, which is the key to advancing through more stages. It also reflects well the elements that a game should have, such as the ability to clear stages more easily if items are used and utilized appropriately. As a result of this advancement, you can link up with Game Center to compete with your friends on your skills.

Chicken Out gives you intuitive and profound puzzle game fun!

As I played Chicken Out on my iPhone, I realized that the puzzle genre is best suited for the mobile environment, and once again I was reminded of how well the touch control environment of the smartphone matches the puzzle! Users did not just have to chicken out and use complicated controls, but it was as intuitive as touching different types of chickens on the screen with one finger and throwing them in the desired direction, and the puzzle-like elements in it were well-integrated to provide intuitive but never easy puzzle-like fun. For this reason, I think Chicken Out is the perfect mobile game to enjoy in the position that smartphones hold. Of course, the puzzle element is addictive once you get into it, so you can make time to enjoy it not the rest of the time, but Chicken Out certainly gave me a good sense of the elements that a puzzle should have and the fun that a game can give.

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